Vera is taking Sound Bed to M-idzomer Festival at Museum M in Leuven
2,3 August

Albert is adapting Slow Sports to be performed outdoors with group of 20 dancers, in the Summer festival dansand!
July 5,6

Wagner & Ligeti continues its European tour, traveling to Impulstanz, Vienna as part of the  [8:tension] Young Choreographers’ Series
July 31 & August 2

Upcoming Performances


June 17,18,28,29
Sound Bed at Sampled, Sadlers Wells, London, UK

July 5,6
Slow Sports (outdoors), Dansand, Ostend, Belgium    vrijstaat-o.be

July 31 > August 3
Sound Bed at M-idzomer, Leuven, Belgium

July 31 / August 2
Wagner & Ligeti at Impulstanz, Vienna, Austria    impulstanz.com

October 21 or 22
Wagner & Ligeti at Petites Scènes Ouvertes, Onyx/La Carriere de Saint-Herblain, France    petites-scenes-ouvertes.fr

November 14
T-Dance, Fricties, cultuurcentrum Hasselt, Belgium

December 4
Wagner & Ligeti, Salmon Festival, Barcelona, Spain

December 9
Solos Bach & Gould, Obernai, France


Slow Sports (kids), (premiere + tour)

May 5,6
T-Dance, Kaai  Studios, Brussels, Belgium


Diffusion of T-Dance By BOLD: www.boldbxl.be/projects/7/t-dance-vera-tussing

(picture above: T-Dance © Alessandra Rocchetti)