Vera is taking T-Dance to Fricties, Hasselt
November 14

Wagner & Ligeti will be presented within the Petites Scènes Ouvertes network in France
October 21

Albert is adapting Slow Sports for young audiences, and it will premiere in February 2015

Upcoming Performances



October 21
Wagner & Ligeti (excerpt) at Petites Scènes Ouvertes, Onyx/La Carriere de Saint-Herblain, France    petites-scenes-ouvertes.fr

November 14
T-Dance, Fricties, cultuurcentrum Hasselt, Belgium

December 4
Wagner & Ligeti, Salmon Festival, Barcelona, Spain

December 9
Solos Bach & Gould, Obernai, France    espace-athic.com/spectacle/solos-bach-gould/


February 17
Slow Sports (Kids) (premiere), Krokus Festival, Hasselt, Belgium

February 19
Slow Sports (Kids), Spinrag Festival, Kortrijk, Belgium

March 25
Slow Sports (Kids), Storm op Komst, Turnhout, Belgium

April 20,21,22
Slow Sports (Kids), OPEK, Leuven, Belgium

May 5,6
T-Dance, Kaai  Studios, Brussels, Belgium


Diffusion of T-Dance By BOLD: www.boldbxl.be/projects/7/t-dance-vera-tussing

(picture above: T-Dance © Alessandra Rocchetti)